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Architectural Control Information



(Refer to the Architectural ControlApplication for complete details)

1.      Prior to thecommencement of any construction on a lot or maintenance which would change the appearance of the property, a full and complete Architectural Control Application must be submitted in order to obtain written approval from the Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”).  Refer to the ACC Application for the items that must be included.  Submittal package shall be sent via email or hard copies mailed to the JDH Association Management Company, Sarah Eldridge, 1776 Woodstead Court # 103, The Woodlands, Texas 77380 or [email protected] (Main 281.457.5341, Fax 281.457.5343).  Missing requirements in the submittal willdelay the review process.  The submission of application fees and deposits to JDH is also required to start the ACC review process.  ACC application approval can take as long as 30 days after receiving a full and complete package.  However, most often approval is within 7 days after receipt of all the required items.  

2.      Prior to submitting a Wildwood Shores ACC application for a new home, permit approval is required from Walker County, Planning and Development.

3.      The ACC approval is valid for 180 days (6 months).  The house must be substantially completed on the exterior within this 6-month duration.  A 30-day extension must be requested by the builder and once approved the use of the front gate code will be extended for only that 30-day period.  If no activity is started during this 6-month period, the permit is voided.

4.      Required for a new home is an ACC non-refundable application fee of $300 and a pro-rated refundable deposit of $1200.  Refer to the costs for other types of construction in the Architectural Control Application.  Deducted from the pro-rated refundable deposit will be to reimburse the Association to correct damages caused by the builder to the adjacent lots, common property, and damage to roadways.  The deposit may be increased if it is inadequate to cover the cost of the damage.  ACC applications for maintenance (including painting or replacement of materials) which will change the exterior cosmetics of the home or outbuildings also require an ACC Application but will not require a fee or deposit.


5.      With the approval of the ACC application one sign designating the General Contractor no larger than 24”x36” is permitted during construction.


6.      Construction hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Absolutely no outside construction activity is permitted before/after hours, on Sundays, or on federal Holidays.


7.      Before construction/delivery trucks begin driving across the front or side utility easements, the installation of a culvert and the construction of a driveway must be completed.  A finished driveway is not required initially, but before the completion of the residence, adherence is required to the specifications identified for that particular Section of the Declarants of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCC&Rs).  All damages to the underground utilities will be the financial responsibility of the builder/owner.  


8.      A portable toilet shall be located on the construction jobsite for the use by the construction workers.  A trash container and dumpster shall also be located on the construction jobsite for trash and construction waste.  Some builders prefer to remove waste as it accumulates, but all refuse must be kept adequately contained to prevent blowing to adjacent property or piled up to attract insects or vermin.


9.      Any use of the adjacent property must be with that property owner’s written permission.  Temporary use of community property is acceptable as long as all damages are corrected upon completion.


Silt fencing is required on all property boundaries at the beginning of construction and certainly prior to any surface water run-off traveling into the lake, streets, and ditches.


10.      Various inspections will be required to verify that the construction complies with the submitted plans.  A final inspection must be requested and is mandatory before the construction is finished and any refunds of deposits can be authorized.


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